Test your skills on the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range

Security Innovation is proud to join Virtual AppSec Indonesia in 2020 to host a unique and challenging CTF featuring our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range.

What is a Cyber Range?

CMD+CTRL Cyber Ranges are intentionally vulnerable applications and websites that tempt players to steal money, find out their boss’s salary, purchase costly items for free, and conduct other nefarious acts. Hundreds of vulnerabilities, common to most business applications, lay waiting to be exploited. 

For each vulnerability you find you'll be awarded points (based on the level of difficulty) that will be charted on our live leaderboard. Top scorers get prizes, but all players have fun!

Please Register CTF Cyber Range Virtual AppSec Indonesia 2020 at CMD+CTRL Cyber Range.

Free CTF Training

Along with the competition, we'll be offering free training lessons so that newcomers can also do some hands-on work even if they don’t feel ready to participate in the official CTF event.

In addition to this sponsored CTF, we are delighted to also offer free access to our Blockchain Training Security Courses.

Here's the specially curated link for that : [Access key for Blockchain Training]

Please note that this offering is limited to the first 50 attendees/registrants only.

Space is limited, so sign up to save your space today!

Training and CTF schedule

Day 1 - Saturday, November 21

Training Site – Beginner/Intermediate-Saturday,November,21