The event offers attendees one day_ intense training courses by leading cyber, internet, application security specialists from the 22 Nov, 2020 by Virtual.

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Course titleLengthDays
Car Hacking Village with Jay Turla (Bugcrowd) 6 Hours Sun
Creating a Secret Room in the DarkWeb with Danny Ismarianto Ruhiyat (CIKUR) 6 hours Sun
CyberWarOps Training - Red and Blue Team Join Operations with Manish Gupta and Yash Bharadwaj (CyberWarFare Labs) 6 Hours Sun
Kubernetes Overview and exploitation with Mihir Shah (Awake Security) 6 hours Sun
Hands on Threat Hunting workshop with Manieendar Mohan and Rejah Rehim (Beagle Cyber Innovations) 6 hours Sun
Building Scalable Labs for Offensive and Defensive Security Scenarios with Omar Santos (Cisco) 6 hours Sun
Yara Rules On Steroids with Saurabh Chaudhary (NetEnrich) 6 hours Sun